Mariya International Schools, Jubail KSA

Level 1 – Combined Syllabus


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
9Wonderful water 151Learner's book
9Wonderful water 121Workbook
9Day by day 153 (Question 4) Learner's book
9Day by day 122 (Question 1) 123 (Question 3)Workbook
9Facts about water 155 (Questions 2 , 3)Learner's book
9Long a spellings ai and ay158Learner's book
9Long a spellings ai and ay129Workbook
Spelling Final revision worksheet + Glossary worksheet
Writing Final revision worksheet
Synonyms and Antonyms Final revision worksheet + Glossary worksheet
Grammar Wh questionsFinal revision worksheet
Grammar Demonstrative PronounsFinal revision worksheet


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
Unit 1C- Length Unit 1C- height Measuring lengthL.B 10,47,79,11,48 S.B 7,6,33L.B S.B WORKSHEETS
Direct Comparison In my hand Balancing WeightL.B29,30,31,81 S.B 19 L.B S.B WORKSHEETS
Counting Data2B-Pictogram and Block GraphL.B 58,59 S.B 36,37L.B S.B WORKSHEETS
EquivalenceMake the scales balanceL.B 31,50 S.B 40,41L.B S.B WORKSHEETS
EstimatingEstimating and countL.B 14,74 S.B 10,11L.B S.B WORKSHEETS


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
5 Pushes and Pulls5.1 In the play ground42 & 43Learner's book + Practice worksheet
5 Pushes and Pulls5.3 Pushes and Pulls around us46 & 47 Learner's book and practice worksheet
5 Pushes and Pulls5.3 Pushes and Pulls around us24Activity book + practice worksheet
6 Hearing Sounds6.1 Where do sounds come from?52 & 53 Learners' book + practice worksheet
6 Hearing Sounds6.2 Our ears54 & 55Learner's book + Practice worksheet.
6 Hearing sounds6.3 Sounds move56 & 57Learner's book + practice worksheet.

Exam time table


Parents note


Dear Parents,

Please note the following points carefully
1. The exam questions will be unseen, including both subjective and objective type
of questions. (not exactly copied from the text book or workbook). It will be
depending on the concept and the students understanding only not on
2. It will be regular written exams [on printed paper].
3. Final exams will start daily from timing 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM; yet
students can submit their paper after 1 hour if they have completed answering all
their questions and carefully revised their answers.
4.Attending final exams is a high priority as no absence or leave
applications will be accepted unless it is a severe emergency and
official documents should be submitted as a proof.
We wish all the best for our students for the term-3 Final exam.