Mariya International Schools, Jubail KSA

Term 1 – (2021 – 22) - TEST 2

Level 4 – Combined Syllabus


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
Unit (2) Earth and beyond 2.1 -Planet EarthWorkbook pg. 20 Activity 1 & 3 Workbool
Unit (2) Earth and beyond 2.2- Comparative AdjectivesWorkbook pages 22 -23 Activity 1 & 2 Workbook
Unit (2) Earth and beyond 2.3- Natural miracles Learner’s book Page 32 Activity 2 Learner’s book
Unit (2) Earth and beyond 2.5- Not a planet any moreLearner’s book Page 38 Activity 3& 4 Workbook pages 28- 29 Activity 3 & 5 Learner’s book Workbook
Unit 2 -Vocabulary Words Unit 2 -Earth and beyondVocabulary from the NB & PPTS Note-Refer to Revision PPT will be shared in classlight


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
NumberUsing multiplication factsLB Pg. 16,17Learner's book and Revision Worksheet
NumberDoublesLB Pg. 20 and SB Pg.20Learner's book, Skill builder and Revision Worksheet
NumberMultiplyingLB Pg. 22Learner's book and Revision Worksheet
MeasureCapacity, length and Mass , SB- Length, Mass and CapacityLB Pg. 94,95 and SB Pg. 24,25Learner's book and Revision Worksheet


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
Humans and Animals1.3 Why do we need a skeleton?LB Page 10-11 AB Page 11-12Learner's BooK, Activity Book Revision Worksheet 1
Humans and animals 1.4 Skeleton and MovementLB Page 12-13 AB Page 13Learner's Book and Activity Book Revision Worksheet 1
Humans and animals 1.5 Drugs as MedicineLB Page 14-15 AB Page 14 Learner's Book and Activity Book Revision Worksheet 2
Humans and animals 1.6 How Medicines WorkLB Page 16-17 AB Page 15Learner's Book, Activity Book Revision Worksheet 2


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
1- know your computer Computer memory page 7. From page 8 To 19 Learners book Revision worksheet for test 2
3- MS word 2010 Formatting text 43 – 57 Learners book Revision worksheet for test 2


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
نعت،علم کے درجے،حضرت داؤدنعت،علم کے درجے،حضرت داؤد3،4،5،6،7،8ٹیکسٹ بُک نوٹ بُک پر کروایا گیا تمام کام


رقم الصفحةالمحتوى
58=59-62-63-64-69-70أنواع الكلمة -المبتدأ والخبر


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
1There Is Only One God ALLAH9-14Islamic book, PowerPoint presentation, Worksheet
2, 3Allah has Knowledge of all things Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Rahmeen 14-19Islamic book, PowerPoint presentation, Worksheet
4,5,6Surah Al-Faatihah (The Opening) Surah Al-Faatihah (The Opening) Excellence of Surah Al-Faatihah 20-32Islamic book, PPT, Worksheets
7,8,9-The Qur’an -Zakah -Reward & Punishment 33-50Islamic book, PPT, Worksheets
10,11-Fasting (Sawm) -The Fast of Ramadan 51-59Islamic book, PPT, Worksheets
25, 26-Surah An-Nasr (The Help) -Surah Al-Kawthar 119-124Islamic book, PPT, Worksheets


رقم الصفحةالمحتوى
14 -19التوحيد من درس توحيدالربوبية إلى درس توحيد الألوهية
49 -55 الحديث من درس وصف جسم النبي إلى درس أوصاف النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم
101 - 106من درس الماء الطهور إلى درس الماء النجس

Exam time table


Parents note


Dear Parents,

Please note the following points carefully.

  1. The class test questions will be unseen (not exactly copied from the text book or workbook). It will be depending on the concept and the students understanding only not on memorization.
  2. For level 1-6 test will be conducted during respective class timings.
  3. For level 7 , 8, 9 it will be regular written exams [on printed paper] and will not be conducted through classlight.
  4. During the test week, there will not be any home works for all subjects, so students can have enough time to prepare for the tests.
  5. There will be two monthly class tests in each term to be conducted in weeks 5 and 9.
  6. Any request for retest will not be entertained unless it is an emergency with official documented proofs.
  7. We wish all the best for our students in their tests.