Mariya International Schools, Jubail KSA

Level 6 – Combined Syllabus


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
Unit 7 – Past Continuoues – Connecting Words pg.113 pg.117English Online Presentnation
Unit 8 – Participle Adjective – Active and Passive voice – Adverbs Types pg.129 pg.131 pg.133English Online Presentation
Unit 9– Nouns Types – Simple Present Perfect – Adjective Order – Indefintie Pronoun pg.145 pg.147 pg.149 pg.155English Online Presentation
Workbook (Units 7,8,9) Study from the PPT
Words Meaning of Units (7,8,9)A list will be given and published later
General Worksheet Will be given later
Writing Composition Topics: – Description of a special place. – Create a storyboard. – Write a poem about an amazing building. English Notebook
Reading Comprehension- unseen


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
numbers- The number system (2) - addition and subtraction - The laws of arithmetic LB page 88 – 89 LB page 92 – 93 LB page 94 - 95LB
Handling data- Polygons and quadrilaterals - Nets - Quadrilateral prisms and pyramids - Transforming shapes - Investigating and drawing anglesLB page 30 - 31 LB page 34 – 35 LB page 120 - 121 LB page 126 + SB page 79 - 80 LB page 127 - 129LB + SB
Handling dataProbabilitySB page 54 – 55SB


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
Unit 5: Electrical conductors and insulatorsL. 5.5 Circuit symbols L 5.6 Changing the number of components L. 5.7 Adding different components L. 5.8 Length and thickness of wire in a circuit L. 5.9 How scientists invented batteriesL.B P. 84 - 95 Activity book P. 58-64Learner's book and activity book


رقم الصفحةالمحتوى
140,141,142,143,144دخول حروف الجر على الاستفاهمية
147,148,149,150,151,153نصب الفعل المضارع
155,156,157,158,159,160,163جزم الفعل المضارع
166,167,168,170اسم الزمان المكان
175,176,177,178النص الشعري الجدة


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
سوار محمد حسین شہید،محنتی چیونٹی،تنظیم برائے اسلامی تعاون۔موضوع اُردو زبان۔فارسی الفاظ کا ستعمال۔ قواعد۔مرزاغالب کے اخلاق۔تلخیص#1،2،تفہیم#1،2،جملوں کی تبدیلی۔خالی جگہیں پیراگراف#1،2،3،4سوار محمد حسین شہید،محنتی چیونٹی،تنظیم برائے اسلامی تعاون۔موضوع اُردو زبان۔فارسی الفاظ کا ستعمال۔ قواعد۔مرزاغالب کے اخلاق۔تلخیص#1،2،تفہیم#1،2،جملوں کی تبدیلی۔خالی جگہیں پیراگراف#1،2،3،4-نوٹ بُک اور بُک پر کروایا گیا تمام کام۔


رقم الصفحةالمحتوى
90- 120حديث
151 -157فقه


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
Chapter 34Khadijah 185-190Islamic book
Chapter 35Abu Dharr Al-Ghifaaree191-194Islamic book
Chapter 36Abu Ubaidah ibn Al-Jarraah195-199Islamic Book
Chapter 37Bilal ibn Rabaah 200-203Islamic book
Chapter 39Talhah ibn Ubaidillah 209-212Islamic Book

Exam time table


Parents note


Dear Parents,

Please note the following points carefully
1. The exam questions will be unseen, including both subjective and objective type
of questions. (not exactly copied from the text book or workbook). It will be
depending on the concept and the students understanding only not on
2. It will be regular written exams [on printed paper].
3. Final exams will start daily from timing 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM; yet
students can submit their paper after 1 hour if they have completed answering all
their questions and carefully revised their answers.
4.Attending final exams is a high priority as no absence or leave
applications will be accepted unless it is a severe emergency and
official documents should be submitted as a proof.
We wish all the best for our students for the term-3 Final exam.