Mariya International Schools, Jubail KSA

Term 3– (2021 – 22) - Final exam

Level 7 – Combined Syllabus


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
UNIT 3 Relative clauses- non defining, Relative clauses -defining course book pg - 27,29 workbook pg - 17,19,21course book workbook
unit 4past tenses course book pg 31 workbook pg 22,27course book workbook
comprehension unseen passage
unit 3 & 4 vocabulary vocabulary worksheet


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
Probability 13.2 Mutually exclusive outcomes problems which explained in class from SB and WB
Position and transformation 14.1 Maps and plans 14.2 The distance between two points 14.3 Translating 2D shapes problems which explained in class from SB and WB


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
Unit 10: Measuring motionL. 10.1-L. 10.5C.B: 124-135, W.B: 86-98Cambridge Checkpoint Science Course book and workbook


رقم الصفحةالمحتوى
38 - 44توحيد
108- 115تفسير
155- 158حديث
208 - 215فقه


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
ٹرانسلیشن#12،13،محاورات صفحہ#17،تفہیم#7،8ٹرانسلیشن#12،13،محاورات صفحہ#17،تفہیم#7،8-نوٹ بُک اور بُک پر کروایا گیا تمام کام۔


رقم الصفحةالمحتوى
121,122,123الجملة الاسمية المثبتة
124,125126,127,128رسم الهمزة المتوسطة على ألف
138,140,141كتابة رسائل شخصية
147,148,149,152فيه شفاء
155,156,157,158النص الشعري الرياضة


Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
41Salaat-ul Jumu’ah (The Friday Prayer)218islamic book
42Islam and the word of Sciences226islamic book

Exam time table


Parents note


Dear Parents,
Please note the following points carefully
1. The class test questions will be unseen, including both subjective and
objective type of questions. (not exactly copied from the text book or workbook). It will be depending on the concept and the students
understanding only not on memorization.
2. It will be regular written exams [on printed paper].
3. Class tests will be conducted during respective class timings.
4. If any subject has a different timing, will update in the weekly plan accordingly.
5. During the test week, there will not be any home works for all subjects, so students can have enough time to prepare for the tests.
6.There will be two monthly class tests in each term to be conducted in week 4 and week 7.
7.Any request for retest will not be entertained unless it is an emergency.
We wish all the best for our students in their tests.