Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
1What do you see?31Learner's book
2Family Time 35 Learner's book
2At home36Learner's book
1The alphabet17Workbook
1What do you see?19workbook
Grammar He/His She/ HerPowerPoint Presentation Worksheet
PhonicsThe /th/ sound.PowerPoint presentation Worksheet
Unit / Chapter LessonPage No.Resources
Ordinal numbers and OrderingUnit2A- -Ordering Numbers -Numbers(11-20) -Position - Greater/smaller 13-35-43 L.B 24- 25 S.B LEARNERS BOOK SKILLS .B WEEK 5 PPT
Tens and onesUnit 1A- Ten and a bit more7 L.B 15,16,17 S.B LEARNERS BOOK SKILLS .B WEEK 6 PPT